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 Job Advertisement - Housing Inspector

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POSITION:                  HousingInspector


LOCATION:              Standing Rock Housing Authority,Fort Yates North Dakota


OPENINGDATE:     January 27, 2023


CLOSINGDATE:      February 10, 2023


SALARY:                   $19.25 Per Hour + Benefits


SUPERVISION:       Construction Manager and Executive Director

Scopeof Work:  The purpose of this position is to inspectstructures using skills to determine structural soundness and compliance withspecifications, building codes, and other regulations. Inspections may begeneral in nature or may be limited to a specific area, such as electricalsystems or plumbing.


Duties:  Monitor installation of plumbing, wiring,equipment, and appliances to ensure that installation is performed properly andis following applicable regulations.  Measuredimensions and verify level, alignment, and elevation of structures andfixtures to ensure compliance to building plans and codes.


Inspectand monitor construction sites to ensure adherence to safety standards,building codes, and specifications.


Issueviolation notices and stop-work orders, conferring with owners, violators, andauthorities to explain regulations and recommend rectifications. Approve andsign plans that meet requirements.


Maintaindaily logs and supplement inspection records with photographs.  Compute estimates of work completed or ofneeded renovations or upgrades and approve payments for contractors.


Evaluatepremises for cleanliness, including proper garbage disposal and lack of vermininfestation.


Reviewand interpret plans, blueprints, site layouts, specifications, and constructionmethods to ensure compliance to legal requirements and safety regulations.


Inspectionof plumbing, sewer, electrical, heating, and foundations during and afterconstruction for structural quality, general safety and conformance tospecifications and codes.


Performannual inspections of units as assigned by Executive Director and otherexisting units.

Providecost estimates and other reports required for organization making inoperations.

MinimumQualifications:Post-Secondary Certificate awarded for training completed after high school, (example, ConstructionTrades, Construction Management, Construction Inspection). 


Overtwo (2) years construction inspection experience.  Ability to learn regarding software updates,technology, and generating comprehensive reports.


Knowledgeof basic computer applications, hardware, software, and operations.


Musthave a valid driver’s license and be insurable with the SRHA insurance company.

Mustbe able travel to job sites and inspect the property.

Mustbe able to move equipment weighing up to 25 pounds.

Mustbe able to work in both hot & cold environments.

Abilityto organize, prioritize work schedule for others on a short- and long-termbasis.

Abilityto understand oral or written instructions.

Abilityto make decisions which have impact on the departments or individuals.

Abilityto compute, analyze, interpret statistical data to develop forecasts.


Applicantsare subject to Alcohol & Drug Testing, failure to adhere to the testingwill result in revocation of job offer.


Allincomplete applications will not be considered.


SubmitSRHA Applications to:      SRHA HumanResources

                                                                POBox 769

                                                                FortYates North Dakota 58538
You can find the job application under the SHORTCUTS tab in SRHA FORMS CENTER.


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