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ISSUE DATE: Updated & Re-postedThursday, April 27, 2023


ENDPROPOSAL BY MAIL OR HAND-DELIVERY TO:               StandingRock Housing Authority

                                                                                                                133392nd Street

                                                                                                                POBox 769

                                                                                                                133392nd Street

                                                                                                                FortYates, ND 58538                                                                      


I.             Scopeof Services

The SRHA, located in Fort Yates,ND, is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to provide bi-weeklyMunicipal Solid Waste (MSW) clean-up services in the Tribal Housing Communitiesthroughout the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. This request for proposals(RFP) is subject to all applicable Tribal, Federal, and State rules andregulations.


The initial term of the contractwill be for one (1) year, provided that the contract will be terminable at willby the SRHA.

Servicesto be Performed by Contractor: 

      Cleanup and sorting of municipal solid waste(MSW) around dumpsters which are in each of the housing areas twice a week.

      The removal of bulk waste.

      Clean-up of household waste and placement of thesame in dumpsters for proper containment and collection.

      Pick up around dumpsters and remove fromdumpsters (if possible) bulky waste items, such as furniture, mattresses/boxsprings, appliances, tires, wood, trees/branches, scrap metals, concrete, andconstruction debris, so these items may be transported to a designated roll-offcontainer for proper transfer and disposal to landfill area Located inSelfridge.

      Note in a detailed written report anyunacceptable or special wastes such as car/truck batteries, liquid wastes,herbicide/pesticide containers, or other wastes which may be potentiallyhazardous or questionable and contact SRHA and SRHA and SRHA Waste Hauler forinstructions on handling and/or proper disposal.

      Clean-up services and duties include theclean-up, sorting, and transfer of bulky solid waste within 4 ft. of thedumpster containers if the dumpsters are distributed throughout the housingarea. In the housing areas which have consolidated dumpster pads, the entiredumpster pad area must be cleaned up; and

      Clean-up and sorting of bulky solid wastematerials must be conducted in coordination with the collection truck schedulein a manner that the services are provided in each housing area immediately inadvance of the truck collection of waste from the dumpsters.

The following housing areas shall beincluded in Contractor’s service area:

Fort Yates, ND:

      Sioux Village dumpsters pads no. 1, no,2, no.3,and no.4.

      Boot Hill Housing Area (dumpsters aredistributed throughout the housing area)

      Douglass Skye Housing Complex (dumpsters aredistributed throughout the complex)   Elderly Housing Area (dumpsters aredistributed throughout the housing area)

Porcupine, ND: 

      Porcupine Housing Area (dumpsters aredistributed throughout the housing area)

Cannonball, ND: 

      Cannonball Housing Area (dumpsters aredistributed throughout the housing area)

McLaughlin, SD:

      Bear Soldier West Housing Area (dumpsters aredistributed throughout the housing area)

      Bear Soldier South Housing Area. (Dumpsters are distributedthroughout the housing area)

    Little Eagle, SD: Little EagleHousing Area

Bull Head, SD:

      Bullhead Housing Area (dumpsters are distributedthroughout the housing area)

Wakpala, SD: 

      Wakpala Housing Area. (Dumpsters are distributedthroughout the housing area)

Kenel, SD: 

      Kenel Housing Area (dumpsters are distributedthroughout the housing area)

 Clean-up, sorting, and bulky waste transportmust be performed on a twice-per-week basis and again shall be conducted ateach housing area location in conjunction with the regular dumpster wastecollection scheduled. (One additional service shall be provided at the SiouxVillage dumpster pads no. 1 and no.4 locations in conjunction with thecollection truck dumpster services.)

      Proposer shall be required to complete andsubmit a detailed bi-weekly report to SRHA stating the dates, times, andlocation of services provided and any special circumstances or issuesencountered.

      Proposer shall provide timely and responsiveservices and shall maintain a working mobile telephone for communicationpurposes in conjunction with the providing the services.

      Proposer shall submit a fixed cost per week forproviding the services detailed in this RFP.


SRHA shall only consider proposals submitted by qualifiedfirms. It is the burden of the contractor submitting a proposal to include all informationrelevant to a determination of qualification for the contract. Failure todisclose any potentially disqualifying information may, in the SRHA’sdiscretion, alone be grounds for a finding the contractor is not qualified. Forthis contract, contractors are only qualified if they:

      Have the financial and administrativecapabilities to perform services as contemplated by this RFP

      Have the technical qualifications and ability toperform any and services as contemplated by this RFP

      To the extent the contractor - or any owner orkey personnel of the same - has had prior business with SRHA, there is a recordof satisfactory past performance.

      That no contractor - nor the owner or keypersonnel of the same - has anything in their history which would cause areasonable person to objectively believe the contractor, owner, or personnel:(1) lacks the integrity and/or trustworthiness to work with SRHA under acontract, and/or (2) has committed prior misconduct in the fields of auditing,tribal housing, and/or tribal governments.

      The contractor – nor any owner or key personnel– may not be disbarred, suspended, or determined ineligible as provided underfederal regulation, nor included on a list of excluded contractors by theGeneral Services Administration. The SRHA shall also contemplate in its awardprevious suspensions of business licenses or poor performance by and/or for theStanding Rock Sioux Tribe or any entity thereof.


Any contract entered because of this RFP shall includebinding language providing that:

      All disputes under the contract shall beresolved by binding arbitration. Any such disputes shall be governed by thelaws of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

      All documents, analysis, reports, designs,drawings, specifications, and other work developed in the performance of thisagreement by the contractor shall be or become the sole property of the SRHAand shall not be used for any other purpose, nor shall the same be released toany third party without the express written consent of the SRHA.

      If there is any debt owing by the contractor -or owner or key personnel of the same - to SRHA, strict repayment provisions,the violation or denial of which shall be immediate grounds for terminationand/or award of the contract; such agreement may also be entered separately butcontemporaneously with the contract at SRHA’s discretion.

      The contract shall be terminable by SRHA with orwithout cause.

      Other provisions as required by Tribal law, SRHApolicy, and/or federal law.

      Minimum Information Required in Proposal: Allproposals shall include, at minimum, the following information as a conditionprecedent for a contractor to be considered for the award of the contract:

      Information addressing how the ProposedContractor meets and/or will meet the requirements outlined in the services tobe provided by Contractor section of this RFP.

      Proof of insurance and copies of certificatesfor current coverage - in the following specified areas and amounts:

o BusinessCommercial Liability: $2,000,000.00 aggregated, $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.

o AutoLiability: $500,000.00 for each occurrence, $500,000.00 for uninsured motorists.


o PollutionLiability: $1,000,000.00 aggregate.  

      Contract and business references and copies ofcurrent SRST Business License and any other applicable licenses andcertifications

      Determination of Qualification. Upon receivingall proposals by the deadline provided herein, SRHA shall decide that each proposedcontractor is qualified as provided herein. If the contractor is determined tobe unqualified, SRHA shall send the proposed contractor a written notice of thesame and provide details on why the proposed contractor is not qualified.


For contracts in which TERO lawapplies, SRHA first limits its pool of contractors to Indian-owned, certifiedentities. If no Indian-owned, certified entity that has submitted a proposal bythe deadline is determined to be qualified, SRHA shall then open bidding to allcontractors. If TERO does not apply, Indian Preference shall be given where anIndian-owned firm has equal qualifications as a non-Indian-owned firm.

Contactfor Additional Information: 

If any contractor has questionsabout any aspect of this contract or proposal - or wishes to have more detailedinformation  please contact:

Elizabeth Mayquomenbenais-Jones

SRHA Administrative Officer

Phone:(701) 854-3891,



Requirements in Submission ofProposals: The following requirements must be met to be considered for theaward of the contract.


Proposed shall be addressed to theProcurement Department

Mail Proposals to:

Standing Rock Housing Authority

1333 92nd St,  POBox 769,  Fort Yates, ND.


No facsimile or emailedproposals will be accepted.

Submissions must include three(3) copies of the proposal in a sealed envelope with a notation on the envelopethat the proposal contains “SOLID WASTE (MUNICIPAL) SERVICES.”

The SRHA reserves the right toreject all proposals in the best interests of the SRHA and/or to negotiate withcontractors regarding proposals submitted for consideration when deemed to bein the best interests of the SRHA.

The proposal shall comply withthe requirements outlined in this RFP or shall be determined to be anincomplete proposal.  


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