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 Job Advertisement - Finance Manager

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LOCATION:         Standing Rock HousingAuthority (SRHA) Fort Yates North Dakota


OPENING DATE:   October03, 2022           CLOSING DATE:   Open untilfilled


SALARY RANGE:   $64,000 - $72,800. D.O.E.


SUPERVISION:    Reports to Executive Director

Job Duties:  The Finance Manager will provide leadershipand coordination of the Finance Department of SRHA. The manager will provideinput and support for the overall vision of SRHA in tandem with the ExecutiveDirector.

Duties will include general accounting,property accounting, bank account management, tax management, oversight onaccounts payable and payroll with input on the financial aspects of procurementand contract management. The finance manager will provide input on fiscal andother policies which will help determine and achieve the long-term objectivesand goals of SRHA. The manager will oversee finances of all Tax Credit projects,Section 8, and VASH voucher programs.  All financial activities will be coordinatedby the finance manager and the finance staff in conjunction with the ExecutiveDirector.


Direct and coordinate the organizations’financial and budget activities to fund operations and maximize efficiency ofthe housing authority

Analyze operations to evaluate theperformance of the Housing Authority and to determine areas of potential costreduction, program improvement or policy change

Conferwith board members, organization officials and staff members to discuss issues,coordinate and resolve problems.  Attendand participate in meetings of the Board of Commissioners. Make presentationsto committees regarding financial policies, programs, or budgets


Participates in negotiations oncontracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors, federal and tribal agencies,and other organizational entities

Prepare and present reports concerningexpenses, budgets, government statutes and rulings and other items affectingbusinesses or program services to the Board of Commissioners and the ExecutiveDirector as it relates to finance.

Coordinatethe implementation and usage of budgetary control systems, record-keepingsystems and other administrative control processes. Works with ExecutiveDirector to prepare budgets for approval, including those for funding andimplementation of programs


Present information at meetings topromote services, exchange ideas and accomplish objectives as requested byExecutive Director.  Interpret andexplain policies, rules, regulations and laws to organizations, government andhousing officials and individuals.


Review requests submitted by staffmembers to recommend approval or to suggest changes on finance related matters.  Oversee payroll systems over all employees.

Direct, plan and implement policies, objectivesof the organization to ensure continuing operations.

Job Knowledge:

Knowledgeof principles and processes for managing accounts payables and accountsreceivables

Knowledge of laws, legal codes, courtprocedures, precedents, government regulations, tribal ordinances and codes andpartnership financial requirements.

Knowledge of business and managementprinciples involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resourcesprinciples and coordination of people and resources

Knowledge of economic, accountingprinciples, banking practices, analysis, and reporting of financial data

Knowledge of proper accounting ofmultiple funding sources including federal and private funding sources.

Knowledge of federal regulationsregarding finances, housing, online banking, and data entry programs.

Job Skills:

Ability to interpret financial documents,make suggestions for solutions, communicate with co-workers, leadership,and the public.  Must be able tosupervise several people and enforce policies

Ability to navigate the many onlineplatforms that are necessary for the operation of the Housing Authority. 

Must possess good time management skillsand be able to meet deadlines across the entire fiscal year. Able to learn andoperate all facets of the SRHA financial programs

The ability to speak clearly andconcisely and interpret, combine, and organize information intomeaningful reports and prioritize projects based on a consistent formula


Bachelor’s Degree in Business,Management or Finance with a master’s degree in Finance or CPA certificationpreferred. Will consider appropriate job experience.

Five (5) years’ experience infinance/management for an organization with over 25 employees and management offunds more than three (3) million per year.

Physicaland Mental Demands:

May have to move equipment and/orsupplies up to 25 pounds

Timelines and compliance checks are a constant.Pressure to manage funds in an extreme need-based situation.         

Applicants are subject to Alcohol &Drug Testing, failure to adhere to testing will result in revocation of joboffer.  All incomplete applications willnot be considered.


Submit SRHA Applications to: SRHA HumanResources Department, P.O. Box 769, Fort Yates, ND 58538

You can find the job application under the SHORTCUTS tab in SRHA FORMS CENTER.


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