Purpose of the Agency Plan

The Standing Rock Housing Authority (SRHA) was originally created in 1961 by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST) and will generate the opportunity to a better selections of custom homes. In order to further its mission, SRHA’s responsibilities and mandate were expanded to include it as a permanent Regular SRHA BOC meeting whose purpose is “…to promote, and act as facilitators to create affordable housing in the Town of Standing Rock Housing Authority.” SRHA’s priority project is to produce an affordable housing plan that is reasonable given SR Housing’s current growth and land use conditions, but that also responds to the town’s growing housing needs and lack of affordable housing opportunities for its residents.


SRHA will operate and maintain housing for low income and homeless families living on the Standing Rock Reservation. The SRHA has applied and has received Tax Credits for repair of the current housing stock and additional new housing.


SRHA is also working to provide infrastructure for additional units and working to rehabilitate most of the vacant buildings in each of the 8 districts to turn these buildings into transitional units to improve the availability of housing on the reservation.


The Standing Rock Housing Authority (SRHA) is a Tribally Designated Housing Entity (TDHE) formed under the laws of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe as designated in the Federal Register.) SRHA is highly experienced in the process of developing affordable housing, managing a variety of funding sources, complying with various program requirements and maintaining precise and accurate records for all parties involved. The housing authority had amassed an impressive track record of developing and managing affordable housing on the Standing Rock reservation. Over 460 units make up the 17 Tax Credit projects developed and currently managed by the Standing Rock Housing Authority. Out 18th Tax Credit Project (30) new construction units has been completed this year. All of the tax credit projects are located on the Standing Rock Reservation and some of the projects located in North Dakota and some located in South Dakota.


In total the SRHA has more than 1,000 units in its inventory. All of the key personnel associated with the SRHA had extensive experience and training in NAHASDA, LIHTC, Section 184 Home Loan Programs and Section 8 Low Income Housing Programs. All of SRHA’s low income housing projects are successfully operating and are in full compliance with the governing agencies. Now the SRHA is working with FEMA for Trailers for tribal members.


The need for affordable rental housing on the Standing Rock Reservation is extreme. Poverty is rampant and jobs are scarce. Two and three families often share one home because there is not enough housing on the reservation. Despite the bleak situation, the SRHA is a beacon of hope for the tribal community. As the only developer of affordable housing on the reservation, the SRHA had both a mandate and a proven track record necessary to provide homes for its tribal families.


The demand for affordable rental housing on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation far outweighs the financial resources available for SRHA to keep pace. The Standing Rock Housing Authority maintains a lengthy list of families in need of affordable housing on the Standing Rock Reservation.


While we have the technical capacity, a highly skilled development team and broadly based political support, out limit financial resources are the primary barrier impeding our efforts. With the help of the South Dakota Housing Development Agency and funding sources like the tax credit program, we can leverage out limited resources to the greatest extent possible in order to keep pace with the pressing needs of our low-income community.



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